FORGET THE G “I See You Watching Me While I’m Watching You” サイン入り

FORGET THE G “I See You Watching Me While I’m Watching You” サイン入り

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1週間以上に渡ってマカオのあらゆる場所を会場にして開催される国際的な芸術の祭典『マカオ・シティ・フリンジ・フェスティヴァル』。2011年開催の際にFORGET THE Gは、HEALTHやTHE BREEDERSの作品を手掛けたロサンゼルスのプロデューサーManny Nietoを迎え、Tap Seac広場のGlass House(Tap Seac Square Commercial Centre)を会場に、ほぼ事前打ち合わせもないままに作曲からレコーディング・セッションまでの一部始終を一般公開して、10時間以内にアルバム1枚を仕上げるという創作パフォーマンスを実施。結果、14曲で合計80分を超える楽曲が生み出された。メンバーはその中から9曲を抜粋。それが本作、『I See You Watching Me While I’m Watching You / 我看你看我』である。


01.無題-困(I Find Myself Being Trapped Inside Or Am I Just Being Protected Within) 11:49
02.無題-尋(I Try To Find My Way Out So I Head Towards The Blinding Light. Little Did I Know The Wall Of Glass Is With Us All The Time.) 3:04
03.無題-看(So I Try to Understand What Is the Meaning of My Existence Within These Walls While Everyone Is Watching Me With Their Cold Dead Eyes) 7:52
04.無題-想(Gazing At the Sea of People My Imagination Starts to Flourish I Look a Bit Further and Somehow Their Heads Explode.) 5:05
05.無題-別(Farewell My Dear Stranger It Has Been a Pleasure Looking At You Through the Glass. I Will Miss Your Cold Dead Eyes and Your Hands That I Have Never Hold.) 7:08
06.無題-路(Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Hell I Hope This Is the End for Your Journey of Loneliness.) 6:13
07.無題-迴(For Your Reincarnation, May We See Each Other When We Meet Again? Perhaps in a Parallel Space Where the White Marble Floor Turns Upside Down Into Your Ceiling.) 2:01
08.無題-葬(A Funeral, A Burial for the Dearest Friend That We Never Get to Know Within These Hours.) 3:33
09.無題-終(A Beginning of the End for Another Beginning That Soon Starts to End.) 5:08