STIGMATA "Silent Chaos Serpentine"

STIGMATA "Silent Chaos Serpentine"

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よりパワーメタル度が増した2nd album。

vol.12の4曲目でJazz Theoryを紹介しております。

1.Swine Maker 4:31
2.Forgiven Forgotten 5:51
3.Jazz Theory 6:38
4.Lucid 5:09
5.My Malice 3:39
6.Wingless 5:18
7.Solitude 5:32
8.Book Of Skin 6:28

In 2006 Stigmata have become one of the most reputed, recognized and accomplished Metal Acts hailing from Asia. 「Silent Chaos Serpentine」 is a well defined gem of sheer melodic mayhem and ferocious beauty. The record clearly highlights the bands progression from Heavy Metal kids to a Progressive Mammoth pushing the envelope and boundaries of the Heavy/Extreme Metal pantheon. 「Silent Chaos Serpentine」 is one of Sri Lanka's biggest selling albums and has received rave reviews in leading Metal Webzines like and continues to raise hell all around the world. From the power/speed bedlam of the captivating "Solitude", the melancholic tapestry "Lucid", the Asian Groove & brutality of "My Malice" to the progressive thrash epic "Jazz Theory" (the live video is now up on American Website ) Stigmata prove yet again that they are a band that is evolving and will stop at nothing.