ABSENCE OF THE SACRED "Atrocities That Birthed Abominations"

ABSENCE OF THE SACRED "Atrocities That Birthed Abominations"

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1.I (Intro) 00:46
2.The Malignant Strain 03:46
3.My Vendetta 03:05
4.Fallen into Obscurity 06:33
5.Our Glorious Dead 04:10
6.Grifter 03:34
7.Deadening The Dispirited 03:38
8.Atrocities That Birthed Abominations 07:45
9.IX (Outro) 00:35



Absence Of The Sacred (AOTS) was formed in early 2005 by Mike (Guitars/Vocals) and Hans (Drums). AOTS currently comprises of Mike, Hans and Justin (Bass), a deadly triumvirate of aural venom.

The early material was a mixture of Bay Area Thrash and Swedish Melodic Death Metal. But currently our style is actually pretty much more to Technical Death/Thrash in terms of roots, in the veins of bands like Dark Tranquility (early era), Carnal Forge, The Crown, Dimension Zero, Hurtlocker, and so on.
In terms of songwriting, including influences from Black Metal, Progressive and sometimes even Jazz and Classical as well (if you've listened to the album already, you'll realise that we had a bossa nova interlude in the title track. haha! The intro and outro were also done the classical way, Mike on guitar and myself on Piano. I almost wanted to get violinists to join us! hahaha!)

But now, AOTS is actually undergoing a shift in terms of style. They're by no means on purpose but rather we felt it was a natural progress and transition. As a matter of fact we're close to finishing songwriting for the next album and this time round we've become more brutal and technical, but still very very groovy.

Groove and feel is our signature style.I think that's what sets AOTS apart from a lot of other bands, we are still very groovy no matter how brutal we may have become. Groove is a very important element of music to me but unfortunately it is often forgotten by a lot of bands and they end up downplaying it and overkilling their music with too much brutality, making them boring and sometimes even unlistenable.

With that said, the new materials for the next album will be something along the vein of the new Vader, Deicide, Spawn of Possession, a bit of Psycroptic or Cryptopsy element. But we do not sound like any of the above bands. Those are merely influences, AOTS will always be AOTS. We take originality in our work seriously and make sure we don't sound like rip-offs. On another note we're also considering to include another guitarist into the band, a possible candidate for this has been spotted and once it's confirmed we will officially announce it. I think that's about it that I can say about our style.

As for a message to my fellow Japanese metal brothers:

"Mina san, genki desuka?! Infernal Hails from Singapore!! Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!!
Japan has always been one of the best Metal force of East Asia, and it is our honour to be able to have this chance to share our music with all you metal maniacs down there!! Thank you very much for all the support that has been rendered to us. If there is a chance we would very much love to go over and do a show in Japan, actually we have been dreaming of doing this! Those of you who've yet to get a copy of our album please do so! Quality is something that we can guarantee. All killers, no fillers! So I hope that all of you will continue supporting the TRUE underground metal bands such as ourselves and together we will reign over this era of madness! Metal Forever!! If any of you guys are coming down to Singapore feel free look for us. Otherwise, till we see you in Japan!
Arigato gozaimasu! |m|"

4th Nov,2006