CENOTAPH "Voluptuously Puked Genitals"

CENOTAPH "Voluptuously Puked Genitals"

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トルコを代表するブルータル・デス/グラインド、CENOTAPHのファースト・アルバム『Voluptuously Minced』(1996年)とセカンド・アルバム『Puked Genital Purulency』(1999年)をカップリングした残虐なまでにお得なアルバム。


01.Mutilated Genitalia In Lack Of Resurrection Under Effective Punch
02.Superimposed Guttural Vociferations Of Ulceric Anal Turgor
03.Paralysed, Clitoridectamimized, Spreadeagled, Molested Cadaver
04.Multipurpose Utilization From Lustly Shreddeds Scummy Vaginal Discharge
05.Verbalized Opinions About Intravaginal Umbilical Corded Fetus In Uterus
06.Sickened By His Own Pathologic Fancy Of Collecting Ingots Of Humanial Meat
07.Ex-Feminine Promiscuous Masculine's Solidified Klitoris Swallowed By Vermins In Coffins
08.Less Than Human Urinal
09.Life Immortal
10.Different Dimensional Pervertation
12.Voluptuously Minced
13.Source Of Suspicions
14.Chorus Throttled
15.Middle Ages